2019 Emerging Rockets and Ready to Rockets’ Breaks Records

Winning companies from the VentureLabs community, including Riipen, A&K Robotics, eTreatMD, Senso Drive Technology, TeamFit, Distill Analytics, Bio Conscious Technologies and Life360 Innovations. Back row, left to right: Mohammad Amini, eTreatMD; Steven Forth, TeamFit; Karen Chiang, TeamFit; VentureLabs member, Eshine Peng, eTreatMD, Liam Guy, Riipen; Nicholas MacKinnon, eTreatMD, Flora Kim, Senso Drive Technology; Thiago Heitling, eTreatMD; Caleb Buxton, Distill Analytics; Paul Moore, Life360 Innovations; Anson Kung, A&K Robotics; Matthew Anderson, A&K Robotics; Nicole Ranger, Life360 Innovations; Stan Kriventsov, Bio Conscious Technologies; Ricardo Cahco, Bio Conscious Technologies; Nicholas Fung, Bio Conscious Technologies; Stephen Dodge, Bio Conscious Technologies; Suvan Ramani, Bio Conscious Technologies; Gabriel Fumoselu, Senso Drive Technology; Shawn Lestage, Riipen. Seated Middle Row, L-R: Sasan Pasha, Senso Drive Technology; Lesley Duncan, Distill Analytics, Kelly Marcolin, A&K Robotics; Amir Hayeri, Bio Conscious Technologies, Amir Hayeri, Bio Conscious Technologies Front Row, L-R: David Liu, Riipen; Adam Rossi, Riipen; Mimi Marani, Riipen, Hiba Bushram, MediMap Emily Masching, Riipen.

Simon Fraser University VentureLabs congratulates the BC technology innovators recognized by Rocket Builders in 5 industry sectors: Agri-Food, Cleantech, Digital Health, ICT and Life Sciences. SFU VentureLabs hosts many of the recognized companies on the recognition lists as the leading accelerator bringing Canadian science and deep tech from lab to the global market.

We are proud to see this year setting a new record with 29 companies affiliated with SFU VentureLabs listed as 2019 Emerging Rockets and 2019 Ready to Rockets, surpassing the 2018 records.

“This recognition by Rocket Builders of these 2019 companies is testament to the high growth potential of these ventures and the acceleration support they receive from VentureLabs’ Venture Acceleration Program, scale-up, access to capital and international market access programs and services, as well as the deep experience of our Executives in Residence. Congratulations to the companies and our sincere appreciation to the VentureLabs team and program partners, Innovate BC and National Research Council IRAP.”

Ian Hand, founding Executive Director of VentureLabs.

This success also speaks to the quality of mentorship and support from the Executives-In-Residence team.

“Every year the Rocket Builders cohort gets stronger, reflecting the breadth and depth of innovation in BC.  We’re very proud to have so many VentureLabs companies recognized on this list of BC innovators.”

Virginia Balcom, Executive-In-Residence, SFU VentureLabs

The “Ready to Rocket” and “Emerging Rocket” business recognition lists profile companies from British Columbia showing the great potential for growth for over 17 years. Speaking with the team at Rocket Builders on the criteria and selection process:

“Each year when we choose the companies, we are looking for those that have best matched technical innovation with market opportunity. Companies affiliated with SFU VentureLabs’ are an excellent example of the right technology for the right customers at the right time.”

Reg Nordman, Managing Partner, Rocket Builders.

The “2019 Ready to Rocket” List

Companies affiliated with SFU VentureLabs programing that made it in the “2019 Ready to Rocket” list, and their respective sectors, include:

Agri Food

Digital Health


“We’re thrilled to have made it on the 2019 Ready to Rocket List and are so proud to be joined by so many of our friends from the growing SFU VentureLabs ecosystem!”

Mimi Marani, Academic Connecting Associate, Riipen


The “2019 Emerging Rocket” List

SFU VentureLabs member companies listed for the “2019 Emerging Rockets” list include:


“We’re excited to be on the first Emerging Rocket list for Agri-Food. The seafood industry is often overlooked when people think of food because humans are so terrestrial. Vancouver is emerging as an innovation cluster for “fish-tech” and we appreciate being recognized as an emerging leader in the sector.”

Eric Tamm, CEO, This.Fish


“We are humbled to be recognized as one of Canada’s most exciting Cleantech companies for the third year in a row. Acuva is passionate about making people’s lives better through our technology.”

Manoj Sing, President and CEO, Acuva Technologies Inc.

Digital Health

“We are excited to be recognized again by Rocket Builders. We are focused on improving medication adherence of elderly and at-risk patients with our ground-breaking technology, and capitalizing on this huge market opportunity.”

Victor Lesau, President & CEO, CuePath Innovation

“Curatio provides a social plugin to help health organizations connect, engage and build long term relationships with their patient populations. With users in 85 countries so far, we’re pleased to be named as a 2019 Emerging Rocket as we continue to scale globally in achieving our mission of No Patient Alone.”

Lynda Brown, CEO, Curatio


“Thanks for celebrating Vancouver’s tech community!”

Jessica Yip, Co-Founder and COO, A&K Robotics

“This Emerging Rocket list highlights a number of excellent British Columbia companies poised for growth – further evidence of the strong entrepreneurial mindset in BC and our world class start-up ecosystem. With access to the necessary capital, the list contains more than a few companies that will undoubtedly become Vancouver success stories.”

James Atherton, Founder and CEO, Capiche

“We are very happy to be selected as one of the winners this year again by Ready to Rocket as an ICT Emerging Rocket. As one of the best business recognition program for British Columbia’s tech industry, Ready to Rocket is helping local investors to find the best tech companies in BC.”

Alec Wang, CEO, ClickDishes

“We are excited to be recognized as an emerging BC technology company.  Video reviews are changing the way people shop online and our goal is to be the number one review solution for companies, helping brands increase customer trust and online sales through video.”

Nicola Fairweather, StoryTap

“TeamFit is honoured to be on this list as we drive our transition to Ready to Rocket. Our mission to help organizations unlock potential and sustain competitive advantage through people insights is pivotal for leading innovation. Being part of VentureLab’s community and being recognized on this list emphasizes that what we do matters and encourages us to create positive impact in work and community.”

Karen Chiang, Co-founder, TeamFit
Ready to Rocket 2019 Group Photo
Winning companies from the VentureLabs community, including Riipen, A&K Robotics, eTreatMD, Senso Drive Technology, TeamFit, Distill Analytics, Bio Conscious Technologies and Life360 Innovations.

For the full 2019 Ready to Rocket and Emerging Rocket lists; please visit www.readytorocket.com.

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