Exceptional unmanned service and technology tailored to your needs

By offering our clients and partners a wide range of unmanned services, support, and training, we are able to custom fit the right technologies and engagement model to each opportunity. While most of our current operations focus on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), we also leverage and/or develop unmanned water and land technologies when appropriate. Our team includes seasoned drone and manned aviation pilots, PhD’s in remote sensing, GIS/IT professionals, engineers, and other specialists key to deploying effective unmanned services – with a network of partners designed to further compliment our in-house skill set. We never forget that it’s the information that’s important – we work backwards from your needs to confirm the sensor and unmanned system that will best capture the required data. Our approach falls into two overarching categories  – We Fly (full service) or You Fly (support) – with the ability for our clients to move between offerings seamlessly.