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Ionomr makes advanced membranes underlying & enabling clean energy, water, and chemicals. 

Ionomr designs, adapts, and manufactures advanced ion exchange membranes and coatings for energy storage, clean energy generation, and water treatment applications, enabling cost-effective clean technologies. Ionomr’s breakout materials address the key pain points in present systems, while unlocking next-gen and future technologies for hydrogen production, fuel cell and electric power generation, advanced water and wastewater treatment, and industrial process recovery.  Our membranes have world-leading properties and versatility, backed by outstanding quality control & consistency. In many applications, we offer orders of magnitude improvements in several areas at the component level and overall improvement to lifetime system costs – including capital, operational, and maintenance costs – in excess of 50%.
With our world-class team of chemists and engineers, Ionomr can improve your products immediately, then partner with your R&D team to offer custom chemical engineering services to further benefit your application.