Life360 Innovations Inc. (Life360 or the Company) develops, manufactures and distributes urinary incontinence (UI) products, principally on an outsourced basis.  Life360’s first commercial product line is its internationally patented UI urethral insert and related tools, known as the Contino® Suite of Products. Life360 recently completed the product development phase and has received the requisite Health Canada (HC) licenses to manufacture and sell the Contino® urethral insert and related tools in Canada.

Below are comments from our couple of users:

“I’m going back to normal. When I used to skate before – I could go for 2 hours without even thinking about the washroom. Now I need to stop after one hour, but without the plug – I would just be leaking all the time.”

“It’s been 12 years since my prostatectomy and that’s how long I’ve had the (incontinence) problem. And out of those 12 years, the past two have been the best since starting the device.”

The size of the Canadian market is significant, with over 1.1 million male UI sufferers and approximately 268,000 with stress incontinence, our initial area of market focus. The Canadian Continence Foundation (CCF) estimates that the annual direct costs of UI are approximately $1,400 to $2,100 for a Canadian UI senior living at home. After considering laundry, clothing and linen changes, as well as supply costs and non-nursing time, the total direct costs in Canada exceed $1 billion per year.