Taking protection to the next level

Shield-X Technology Inc. was founded in 2014 by Simon Fraser University researchers aiming at enhancing head protection during impact. As a result, Shield-X membrane was developed to address sharp twisting of the head during impact. Sharp twisting is known to be one of the key factors behind head injury and concussion. Shield-X membrane is the first of its kind, a micro-engineered functional layer for sports helmets that reduces the sharp twisting and compression of the brain during impacts. The Shield-X™ series includes four patent-pending helmet safety enhancement products, BX-E, BX-I, BX-C, and BX-R. BX-E is world’s first functional decal that can be applied to a helmet to enhance its performance; mostly targeting the football helmet market. BX-I is an invisible Shield-X membrane that can be engineered inside of a helmet to significantly enhance its performance. BX-C is a thin wearable skullcap that can be worn under any helmet to enhance its performance. BX-R is a helmet cover that can cover the helmet with immediate application in cycling, military, and construction helmets.