We believe in a retail industry with fewer spreadsheets.

(Companies in 100+ countries agree)

Venzee is working to solve one of the biggest challenges facing the US$23 trillion global retail industry: the use of spreadsheets by suppliers and manufacturers to share product information and inventory updates with their retailers. Venzee’s cloud-based platform uses artificial intelligence to automatically turn product information from suppliers and manufacturers into the requirements of their retailers, removing an unnecessary and labour-intensive step in their workflow. Venzee offers its platform to vendors (suppliers and manufacturers) or retailers on a “freemium” model in which certain application features are free to all users and other features are only available to paying members, at a variety of price points to maximize the marketability of Venzee’s solutions. Companies in more than 100 countries from up and coming retailers on various e-commerce platforms, to leaders in the manufacturing, production and distribution industries have signed up to Venzee to automate their processes. As Venzee grows, it is systematically revolutionizing the way e-commerce does business, saving retailers and vendors time and money. As part of its growth strategies, Venzee seeks to (i) grow its customer base, (ii) expand sales within its customer base, (iii) expand internationally, and (iv) leverage its technology to offer new solutions including integration and use of blockchains.