Xerus Medical provides Quality Improvement researchers and clinicians with tools that transform the ‘analogue perioperative patient experience’ to a digital format so as to make comparative analysis easy, reproducible and bias-free. Our aim is to build a progressively more detailed digital representation of the patient experience and digital sensorium.

Various North American hospital data management models provide very meaningful opportunity to those who can figure out how to improve efficiencies. Instituting forward thinking health care strategies that actually make a positive and cost efficient difference is notoriously difficult and this is especially true in the hospital setting. We believe we have a highly cost effective yet easy to understand way of doing this and are currently setting up a proof of concept quality improvement trial.

Xerus Medical was cofounded by a physician who originally simply wanted to have reliable data when prescribing postoperative analgesia and by an engineer who could actually build stuff. From there we saw an opportunity to build a network of like-minded researchers, clinician users, technology creators, and companies that share the vision of using technology to improve patient care and management.