Life360 Innovations Inc. has entered the commercialization phase for its patent protected urinary incontinence urethral insert, known as the contino®.  The Company has completed the product development phase, has implemented an ISO13485:2016 quality system and is submitting its technical file to Health Canada and the EU Regulator in early Q1 2018.

Life360 has developed the contino® suite of products, which are internationally patent protected products for managing male urinary incontinence, a common and distressing chronic condition.  The contino® is a discrete medical device that is inserted into the urethra to temporarily block the involuntary flow of urine.  It is removed prior to “voiding” and is easily cleaned and re-inserted.

UI is defined as the involuntary leakage of urine and is associated with reduced quality of life, particularly for seniors.  UI is a debilitating condition that impacts the physical and emotional wellbeing of suffers. There are no known directly comparable products in the market.  Existing medical devices (i.e. clamps, external catheter, etc.) are not entirely effective and usually have medical complications.  Diapers are the largest product category used and are considered an unsatisfactory solution to the problem.


Below are comments from Life360 Innovations’ users:

“I think it’s really wonderful, it has changed my life.”

“It’s been 12 years since my prostatectomy and that’s how long I’ve had the (incontinence) problem. And out of those 12 years, the past two have been the best since starting the device.”

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