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Apply for financial support to protect, manage, and leverage your intellectual property.

AccelerateIP supports hundreds of innovative startups in BC, Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories to grow and protect their ideas and intellectual assets.

Led by New Ventures BC and prime collaborator Innovate BC, along with a network of accelerators and incubators, the AccelerateIP program provides enhanced access to education, skills development, and financial support for protecting, managing, and leveraging your intellectual property.

AccelerateIP is offered through three streams of programming:

  1. Education and Awareness: Gain foundational IP training
  2. Strategy: Get 1:1 mentorship and up to $25,000 of eligible costs covered for legal strategy development
  3. Implementation: Access financial support to cover up to $60,000 of eligible legal implementation costs

Get in touch with us at accelerateip@venturelabs.ca to learn more about how VentureLabs can help.

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Expand Your Network

Supporting your company to succeed and entrepreneurs develop personal growth within the technology and innovation community.


Build Your Business Model

Take your venture to the next stage with a proven start-up approach and guidance in preparation to scale your business.


Accelerate Commercialization

Build your unique profile and development path to scale up successfully, with the right expertise and resources.

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Agartee has benefitted enormously from being part of VentureLabs.  My EIR has significant expertise in healthcare which has been critical to refining our product strategy. We’ve also worked closely with mentors on business modelling, go-to-market planning, and resource allocation.  It’s a supportive community here, full of deep expertise.

Learn more about Behzad and his company, Agartee.

Behzad Behroozan

CEO & Founder, Agartee Technology
Headshot of Behzad Behroozan CEO and Founder Agartee an SFU VentureLabs company

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