SFU VentureLabs accelerates science and technology-based new ventures.

We help companies who’ve found their product market fit become profitable, sustainable businesses—supporting them with the programs, mentoring, and services companies need most, when they need them most.


Experience Ventures

Get access to early talent for your company. Apply to Experience Ventures, a program that connects ventures and post-secondary students to synergize in entrepreneurial thinking placements.


Expand Your Network

Supporting your company to succeed and entrepreneurs develop personal growth within the technology and innovation community.


Build Your Business Model

Take your venture to the next stage with a proven start-up approach and guidance in preparation to scale your business.


Accelerate Commercialization

Build your unique profile and development path to scale up successfully, with the right expertise and resources.

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Because of VentureLabs we have been able to focus on growing our business rather than worrying about the operational infrastructure that goes with starting a company. We have also benefited from the guidance and advice, and exposure to business resources that we receive through VentureLabs and its EIR (Executive In Residence) program.

Learn more about Moira and her company, NetSkrt

Moira Dang

VP, Engineering & Cofounder, Netskrt Systems
Moira Dang SFU VentureLabs Client NetSkrt Co-founder