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We help companies who’ve found their product market fit become profitable, sustainable businesses—supporting them with the programs, mentoring, and services companies need most, when they need them most.


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Get expert advising and mentoring to grow your company.  Apply to connect with experts from VentureLabs, industry partners, government agencies, and active investors. Topic areas include customer discovery, marketing, IP protection, human resources, financing, and more!


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Supporting your company to succeed and entrepreneurs develop personal growth within the technology and innovation community.


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Take your venture to the next stage with a proven start-up approach and guidance in preparation to scale your business.


Accelerate Commercialization

Build your unique profile and development path to scale up successfully, with the right expertise and resources.

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The accelerator program at SFU VentureLabs is an amazing resource for early-stage entrepreneurial companies.  I have been very pleased working with the Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) team at VentureLabs, as they have helped us to refine our business plan to become more customer-focused and impactful. The working environment is supportive and friendly and we really appreciate the efforts of the entire VentureLabs community.

Learn more about Dr. Lili and her company, Nutrienvisus.

Dr. Lili Mesak

Founder, Nutrienvisus Technologies
Dr. Lili Mesak CEO and Founder Nutrienvisus and SFU VentureLabs Company