Remote Medication Monitoring & Alerting in a Time of Distancing

CuePath allows caregivers to help seniors and other vulnerable individuals through remote medication monitoring.

CuePath is on a mission to help seniors and other vulnerable individuals stay healthy and independent with the support of their circle of care SFU VentureLabs is home to many technology companies not only building next-generation solutions to business challenges, but also ramping up efforts to make a difference in the COVID-19 environment. Victor Lesau,…

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Ready to Rocket Celebrates BC’s Tech Growth Leaders

Each year, Rocket Builders showcases the Revenue Growth Leaders of Tomorrow by identifying British Columbia’s top private companies with the greatest potential with their Ready to Rocket List. Congratulations to the twenty-four SFU VentureLabs current and alumni companies for making the 2020 list! “Ready to Rocket” companies, on average, have exceeded a 50% annual growth revenue growth rate and have significantly…

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Medimap Brings Virtual Care to Canadian Physicians and Patients

Physician providing virtual health services in Canada

It’s a strange time for individuals and businesses as we all determine the best strategies to navigate through our new global reality. At VentureLabs, a number of client companies are fast-tracking their solutions to tackle some of the many challenges COVID-19 brings. This week, we were fortunate to catch up with Medimap CEO and founder…

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Making a difference in the COVID environment

Tech expert working on solving real world problems for physicians, making a difference in COVID-19.

SFU VentureLabs supports numerous life science, digital health, and technology companies solving real world problems for physicians, patients, and health systems – including solutions available today that can help Canada, and the rest of the world manage the COVID-19 environment. We’d like to highlight the following great companies: Agartee Technology provides a real-time, remote symptom…

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