152 Tech: Innovating the cannabis retailer experience

SFU VentureLabs’ client company 152 Tech was founded to create smarter retail solutions for regulated industries. They create simple platforms that are easy to operate and maintain; providing secure business data all in one location. VentureLabs had the opportunity to chat with Shaun Saini, CEO and Co-Founder of 152 Tech, about what inspired their startup…

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The building of a compassionate company with Ayogo

Ayogo Team Image

Ayogo provides a way for clinicians to monitor, track, and respond to the psychosocial determinants of their patient’s health by building coherent interactive programs for patients. SFU VentureLabs got a chance to chat with Michael Fergusson, CEO of Ayogo, and discuss how their company thrives on creating a community of compassionate, talented, and mission-focused people. …

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Moving both the head and the heart with DISCOVELO

A VentureLabs interview with Scott Keesey, the CEO and Founder of DISCOVELO Mental health issues and inactivity in youth are continuously increasing, but numbers have skyrocketed due to the pandemic. This has had a large impact on youth in the classroom. Kids have many sources of stress and anxiety which impede their ability to focus…

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