We have currently closed the VentureLabs office to all but essential services staff. We are either postponing our educational and networking events or moving them online. Stay tuned for further updates.

Thank you for your understanding during this critical time as we determine the best strategies to support our entrepreneurial companies, team members, and our broader community.

We are doing our best to share information and make decisions as effectively and as timely as possible.  If you are an existing VentureLabs client, please reach out to any of our leadership team or your EIR. If you are not an existing client and need support please complete the form below and someone on our team will get back you. 

As well, if you have great resources we could add to this page, please let alison@venturelabs.ca know.

Contact Information

Harbour Center Building Security (1055 West Hastings Street) - 604-669-1136
General Information on VentureLabs - info@venturelabs.ca

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