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Downtown.AI – Predicting The Human Landscape

Downtown.AI leverages machine learning to predict the Human Landscape. We answer the question where people are now, where they will be and how they will get there.

We generate visualized predictions of crowd’s concentrations and traffic patterns (car, public transportation, pedestrian traffic, more) by aggregating the location of tens of millions of mobile devices every day.

We correlate this data with demographic, future events and other data sets and use proprietary machine learning algorithms to find patters and generate predictions.

Using Cloud SaaS API, licensed clients can explore the predicted human landscape for the coming hours, weeks and even years ahead. Predictions are delivered as ready to use dynamic maps or as a stream of geospatial data files.

Downtown.AI is poised to play a key roll in the Smart Mobility market. We bridge the gap between raw location data (provided by data generators or aggregators), to the acute need of mobility companies,  cities and other businesses for ready to use mapped predictions of human landscape.

Using Downtown.AI’s predictions, Car Sharing Services can forecast customer demand and increase revenues. Autonomous Cars can improve navigation and increase averseness to pedestrians in crowded streets. Cities can Optimize Transportation by planning the grid based on real world data and predictions that take in account all transit modes combined.  Expansion opportunities outside the smart mobility market include emergency services, the retail market and  the financial market.