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Inclusive Entrepreneurship Webinar Series, Spotlight on Diversity: Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Online Webinar

Introduction to the Topic: This panel will focus on the topic of Indigenous entrepreneurship, shedding light on the resilience, cultural significance, and the economic impact of Indigenous-owned businesses. From time-honored enterprises steeped in heritage to cutting-edge ventures embracing innovation, our discussion will uncover the strategies propelling Indigenous entrepreneurship into the future, while also addressing the…

What Patients Really Want and How AI Will Help Deliver

Online Webinar

Pharmaceutical companies are facing a quickly evolving landscape where technology is bringing a wealth of new opportunities for patient personalization to the table. How do you leverage these opportunities and stay ahead in a competitive market where patient experience is king? Learn how to actually leverage AI (not just talk about it!) Discover the importance…

PeakSpan Master Class: Optimize Pricing & Packaging to Minimize Churn

Online Webinar

In this session, Karen Chiang & Steven Forth will be discussing how you can leverage intelligent pricing and packaging to minimize churn (optimize gross-dollar retention or GRR). Churn or a “leaky bucket” is a serious challenge that can handcuff growth for any SaaS business. It is one of the main factors that determines Net Recurring…