Making a difference in the COVID environment

SFU VentureLabs supports numerous life science, digital health, and technology companies solving real world problems for physicians, patients, and health systems – including solutions available today that can help Canada, and the rest of the world manage the COVID-19 environment.

We’d like to highlight the following great companies:

Agartee Technology provides a real-time, remote symptom monitoring and early detection solution that can alert families and physicians for “at-risk” individuals, like seniors and those suffering from COPD and asthma. Remote monitoring ensures individuals get care when they need it, as well as reducing potential exposure for caregivers, healthcare workers, and early responders, ensuring that these critical resources in the health system are free to treat patients requiring immediate and urgent care.

Bio Conscious is a health analytics company delivering machine learning solutions to doctors and patients which improve health through proactive management. People with diabetes are at increased risk of infection by viruses like COVID-19; to ease the burden on clinics and hospitals working with patients with diabetes, Bio Conscious has made its product Endobits free for two months to all users. Endobits delivers patient data to clinics in a prioritized format, allowing providers to address those in need of intervention quickly, without requiring a trip to the hospital.

CuePath is a fully managed Medication Adherence as a Service (MAaaS) solution for home care agency and healthcare partners with automated alerts and human call reminders. It enables families and care providers to remotely track medication intake of their loved ones, helping alleviate the stress associated with caregiving. As family and nurses are restricted from visiting seniors in care homes, CuePath enables pharmacy and home care partners to provide remote medication monitoring. As stress of isolation and lack of home care services increase the risk of non-adherence, CuePath responds by alerting care providers when issues arise, and by providing telephone reminders to keep seniors safe during the pandemic.

Curatio enables payers, providers and pharma to engage with patients on their own social networks. Used by some of the largest healthcare organizations around the world, Curatio helps connect patients and families to the daily disease management, adherence and personalized peer support they need to achieve their best outcomes. Dedicated private social network with health-tracking tools, community support, and health insights designed specifically for COVID-19. This connects and supports socially isolated, vulnerable populations, reduces burden on local healthcare systems, and tracks disease.

Fusion Genomics is focused on transforming infectious disease through advanced genomic technologies. Fusion is applying novel DNA/RNA capture and informatics technologies, with the aim of preventing unnecessary deaths from infectious disease and halting the growing problem of drug resistance. For Covid, Fusion Genomics is working on easily deployable, low-cost whole genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2, for disease surveillance, transmission dynamics and response to treatment.

InDro Robotics deploys commercial Remotely Piloted Aircraft (drones) to fly long range over cellular networks (3, 4 and 5G) taking advantage of edge computing to monitor and collect data, providing a wide range of services to industries, governments and first responders. InDro provides drone delivery of urgent goods beyond line of sight, including medical supplies, prescriptions, and PPE. Transport Canada approved.

Medimap connects patients with doctors online in minutes. Medimap Virtual Care lets physicians meet their own patients through secure video consults, as well as remote “walk-in” patients across the province who may be waiting to connect with a doctor. Medimap provides doctors quick, easy access to video consults while offering patients access to healthcare without leaving their homes. Available to medical practitioners and patients across Canada.

Optigo Networksproducts deliver highly resilient building network solutions for commercial buildings’ connected devices. From the data centers that help individuals stay connected, to buildings running control systems for temporary isolation rooms, the powerful solutions allow users to monitor networks off site, so staff can remain physically distant without sacrificing network quality. Remotely monitoring building infrastructure and assets enables building managers to stay safe at home, while keeping critical building systems online, safe, and secure.

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