SFU VentureLabs is offering even more tools, mentorship, and support to help you navigate the effects of COVID-19


Is your business struggling in the wake of the pandemic?

Most small- and medium-sized businesses have never experienced a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of federal funding provided through a new program, SFU VentureLabs has your back as you navigate through the impacts of COVID-19.

Enter the BC Technology Sector Resiliency Program.

How can this program help your business?

With a focus on helping tech entrepreneurs recover from COVID-19, the program distributes  federal funding through  Western Economic Diversification Canada enabling SFU VentureLabs to expand existing advisory services and resources. Through this new program, we provide more tools, support, and advisors to help innovative new ventures impacted by COVID-19 to recover and grow.


If you need support for your new venture in navigating the ecosystem during the pandemic, check out these education programs, apply to join MVT or Scaleup , or reach out to us.

In an effort to help BC‘s innovators maintain and grow their businesses through training and resources, the BC Technology Sector Resiliency Program is developed and delivered by Innovate BC in partnership with the BC Acceleration Network (BCAN), BC’s network of business accelerators and incubators.