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SFU VentureLabs’ Marketing PowerUp program delivers quality marketing services and expertise to growing science and tech companies


VentureLabs’ Marketing PowerUp program is the much-needed solution for science and tech companies that lack marketing knowledge within their team or the resources to hire external agencies. The PowerUp team includes senior marketing experts and talented students who analyze the company’s needs and help them get a marketing project off the ground. By the end of the project, companies are equipped with the knowledge and tools to execute marketing by themselves.

Only VentureLabs and Venture Connection companies are eligible to apply. More details below.


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Marketing PowerUp is about building capacity.

Here's how it helps founders and students:

  • Science and tech founders are deeply committed to product innovation but may not have the time to manage and mentor a marketing student, or the expertise needed to deliver key marketing initiatives critical to their business.
  • Many talented marketing students are ready for experience in the tech sector but need the guidance of an experienced marketer to add significant value to a startup.

Benefits of Marketing PowerUp

Exclusive access to a professional marketing team specializing in content strategy, social media, web design and more!

Work with a well-experienced mentor and a team of talented students to receive quality marketing services

Execute key marketing initiatives with the right expertise and discover marketing best practices

Develop the skills and knowledge to continue strategies even after program completion

How We Know It Works

The Marketing PowerUp program provides you with the opportunity to identify and address a key marketing need - from improving your key messaging to powering up your website, our skilled students coached by senior marketing mentors and the company's lead EIR are here to help you elevate your marketing.

Eligible Projects

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Company Eligibility

If you’re interested in the program, but aren’t a VentureLabs or Venture Connection member, visit our programs page to join the VentureLabs community.


"Thank you so much to [the VentureLabs team] for providing us with deep and rich discussions that helped us to communicate a clear message regarding our value proposition. We believe that [these] brochures will result in reaching new customers and building awareness of our services in the Canadian agriculture ecosystem. We had a great experience, and we think [VentureLabs] provides one of the most outstanding services to the SFU StartUp ecosystem. There are not enough words to express our gratitude to all the marketing services team."

Rene Blanco, CEO/Founder

"The team provided a useful framework, templates, and good checklist for best practices. very practical."



Eric Enno Tamm, CEO/Co-founder


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