For companies that have completed product market validation and are focusing on ramping up product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, as well as scaling their organizations and business opportunities, VentureLabs helps with:

Technical Development Services

VentureLabs provides technical advisory services and assistance in accessing deep subject matter experts and project resources to complete challenging scientific and technical development program, as well as best practices for managing large projects and growing development teams.

VentureLabs assist companies in arranging pilot & demonstration-projects for the technology , with partners including Cities, Corporates and Health Authorities. From introductions to proposal development, to project publicity.

We also provide advisory services with respect to product design, development, manufacturing methodology and best practices, and outsourcing.

Business Development Services

A key focus for every scale-up needs to be a disciplined approach to strategic marketing, sales and distribution. From lead generation to pipeline development, CRM and sales cycle tracking and definition,  the VentureLabs team has been there and done that. We are also able to help with many areas of organization development, including recruiting and training, onboarding and culture development.

Business development services from one of our highly experienced executives-in-residence to compliment your team’s internal experience and/or help establish the processes you need to ramp sales, expand revenues and build your organization can make a world of difference.

Strategic Advisory Services

The VentureLabs team of serial entrepreneurs’ experience spans business strategy, finance, strategic partnering, mergers and exits, as well as valuation and negotiations.

Our Strategic Advisory Services have you covered at key decision times, as both a sounding board or in real time when negotiating critical financing term sheets, acquisition or mergers or in planning an IPO or exit.

Our broad network of experts, professionals and services providers allows us to recommend additional ‘just-in-time” resources and our team’s experience can help you navigate your path to success.