Networking & Community Building

VentureLabs regularly holds community events, and can provide clients with the critical connections, supportive network and collaboration opportunities to grow their business. Connections include access to potential talent and expertise, clients, investors, partners, mentors and government contacts.

Education & Workshops

We offer workshops, seminars and other educational opportunities to expand our members’ skills. We partner with industry-leading companies and experts to offer a full portfolio of educational opportunities, including financing strategies, IP and other legal issues, customer acquisition, product development, business planning, and more.

Non-Dilutive Funding & Grants

We regularly receive grant information and work with private and public sector funding organizations on opportunities available to companies at a variety of stages in their growth. Our team can help you with information, provide guidance on how to apply, and review your submission. Funding sources change frequently with new programs being created and others halted. Our team can help you navigate this landscape.

Capital Guidance

Access to capital is a key component in scaling up many businesses. The VentureLabs team has extensive capital raising experience including angel, venture capital, private equity and corporate strategic investment capital. The team can help you determine readiness, plan capital raise activity and prepare thoroughly for investor relationships.

VentureLabs also maintains an active ecosystem of angel and venture stage investors and can help companies access the right investment source, at the right time, through our extensive personal network and connections.

International Growth & Soft Landing

Knowing when and how to tackle markets beyond your initial market is critical. The VentureLabs team and partners can work with companies to create strategic plans to enter an overseas market, establish a presence, and hit growth targets. Significant planning and research are required to address best potential markets, meeting international certification and legal standards, as well understanding cultural, language, and other differences abroad. VentureLabs also provides soft landing support for businesses to carry out international commercialization and export development programs through funding and accelerator support, for Canadian companies going abroad, and very companies wanting to land in Canada.