VentureLabs is proud to be the Regional Hub for the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH) in BC.

We are driven to create a more inclusive and supportive environment to grow women’s entrepreneurship in Canada. We challenge stereotypes, overcome barriers, and bring resources together in support of women entrepreneurs.

WEKH: A National Network of Knowledge, Data, and Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

The Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH) is a Government of Canada initiative that brings together service providers, programs, partners, and research across Canada in support of women entrepreneurs. WEKH is a national network for sharing research, resources, and leading strategies across organizations with the aim of empowering women entrepreneurs to start, run, and grow their businesses. We are continuing to build connections to make WEKH a one-stop source of knowledge, data, and best practices.

Introducing WEKH’s Regional Hub for BC

Supporting success at a regional level

Our WEKH BC mandate is threefold:

Woman entrepreneur researching resources to grow her business.

Uphold the national mandate of WEKH across Canada by focussing our efforts on the women entrepreneurs of BC and those who support them.

We are here for the changemakers and those who want to challenge the status quo of what it means to be an entrepreneur and define entrepreneurship through the lens of women who are out there creating new business opportunities, products, and services.

Amplify the amazing work being done by BC service organizations, including WeBC, The Forum and WEB Alliance. BC is fortunate to have a strong eco-system dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurship.

WEKH BC magnifies the education, resources, and learning opportunities that can uniquely serve the women entrepreneurial ecosystem in BC. In doing so, we help challenge stereotypes surrounding entrepreneurs by adding to (and creating more) conversations surrounding barriers women face.

Leverage research in BC to add to the national conversation that will contribute to women’s overall entrepreneurial success.

We do this through partnership, facilitating conversation, and giving back to our women entrepreneurs so they can successfully start, run, and grow their own enterprises.

Service Providers, Researchers, Women Entrepreneur-Centred Programs

Get Involved

Are you a service provider supporting women entrepreneurs in BC? Are you a researcher whose research may just move the needle for women who are trying to get recognized in their own right as entrepreneurs in a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem? We invite researchers, service providers, and programs to get involved with WEKH BC and partner with us.

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See It. Be It. Database

See inspiring women entrepreneurs in action
This database holds 1000+ profiles of successful, award-winning women entrepreneurs to inspire the next generation. The women featured in this database are a diverse range of experts with varying backgrounds, experiences, and specialties from different regions across Canada.

Help WEKH celebrate and feature more entrepreneurs in the database
Do you know a successful female entrepreneur who should be in our database? Help us celebrate and grow our community by nominating someone for the database.

Women entrepreneurs: Find support and gain access to resources

Your voice is needed in this entrepreneurial ecosystem and we welcome your unique business acumen, ideas, talent, and drive. There are many ways to find support while also helping your fellow entrepreneurs in turn!

If you’re a woman entrepreneur, how exactly can you get involved? Attend a webinar, retweet us, speak at an event, or add to the conversation (either in person or virtually, through social media). For more information on how we support the service providers that support you, reach out to Carolina at

We look forward to hearing from you!

WEKH Partners

Nationally, WEKH supports many learning opportunities.

Additionally, below are some of our WEKH-centred events.
All are welcome, however these events are created specifically to address the unique challenges, needs, and barriers faced by women entrepreneurs.

Watch this space for upcoming events.

Recent Events