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We’re looking to hire a marketing professional to join the team at SFU VentureLabs. Currently the position is for 6 months in duration, but with the possibility of it extending to a permanent position.

The “formal” job description is below, but in a nutshell, if you are an awesome communications and events person (who can write really well) and you’ve got a few years of experience in the field, we’d love to hear from you!

Shoot us your resume and cover letter to let us know how you’d be a great fit to the entrepreneurial community at VentureLabs.




Position Title: Communications, Marketing and Events Officer Position #:  
Department: SFU VentureLabs Employee Group: APSA
Reports to: Director, VentureLabs Reports to (pos #):  


The Communications, Marketing and Events Officer is responsible for supporting and growing the SFU VentureLabs community through marketing, communications and events activities. The Officer conceives marketing and communications strategies and leads events for VentureLabs. Develops, executes and evaluates marketing and communications strategies by creating promotional content for various channels about VentureLabs opportunities and events. Works with SFU’s C&M team on public and media relations opportunities. Maintains, writes content for, strategizes and edits the VentureLabs website and social media channels. Is well-versed in digital marketing and writing content for various channels.  Works in collaboration with the Director, Executive Director and other unit staff; liaises with SFU’s Vice-President, Research and International Communications and Marketing teams to ensure consistency, brand/language alignment and understanding of the VPRI’s goals and objectives, and how VentureLabs C&M activities contributes to these. Showcases VentureLabs as part of the “Incubation and Acceleration” pillar of SFU Innovates, the university’s innovation strategy. The Coordinator plans and organizes events and conferences that deliver VentureLabs VAP and Scaleup programs and raise the public profile of VentureLabs. All C&M activities support the goals and objectives of VentureLabs. 



  • Conceives, develops, and distributes content through print, web, and digital communications & marketing channels to increase the profile for VentureLabs programs and events, and achievements of its faculty, students, alumni, staff and community participants. Works with the VPRI C&M team to ensure alignment with overall SFU brand/language for the department and its units, and for specific strategic initiatives. Works collaboratively with the VPRI C&M team to ensure brand consistency and messaging across all platforms, as well as an understanding of VPRI goals and objectives for VentureLabs to support and collaborate on.
  • Promotes VentureLabs by developing and submitting materials to other SFU print and web publications including SFU News (print and online versions), SFU Research and SFU social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube), and other central C&M venues.
  • Works collaboratively with staff to enhance communications within VentureLabs and its participants, and networks with contacts at other campuses, departments, Faculties, and in the SFU community.
  • Works with staff in SFU’s central C&M team to coordinate the identification and distribution of news to local, national, and international media. In collaboration with the central C&M team, works with interested parties on media dissemination strategies to take story ideas from initial interest to publication or broadcast.
  • In collaboration with SFU’s central C&M and VPRI C&M staff, ensures consistency in identifying and communicating key messages and values, and engaging relevant audiences with regular content updates.


  • Develops, or assists with the revision of promotional and informational materials for VentureLabs events, programs and activities that the unit organizes and supports.
  • Creates and/or prepares print and digital materials for distributing updates to VentureLabs stakeholders; coordinates the overall production of these updates (e.g., themes, authors, pictures, proofreading); and assumes responsibility for redefining the editorial and graphic line and its distribution, including sending updates to current and past program participants, other SFU departments, program funders, other educational institutions, and related industry contacts.
  • Writes content for various digital channels such as social media, SFU News stories, web pages, email marketing, etc.

Website & Social Media

  • Works in collaboration with the Director(s) and other unit staff, to develop and manage content on VentureLabs website and social media sites; liaises with the VPRI C&M team to ensure consistency with websites and digital engagement with SFU’s master brand, the department’s brand identity, and compliance with SFU’s central C&M web standards.
  • Designs and develops editorial content for the VentureLabs website by using a variety of computer illustrations, photography, video, and graphic design applications to ensure professional quality. Implements design and layout changes to the website.
  • Monitors existing and/or upcoming VentureLabs websites and social media channels.
  • Provides technical assistance to other unit staff uploading information to the website.


  • Plans the VentureLabs events program to meet the needs of VentureLabs member companies and the entrepreneur community, and to meet VentureLabs’ commitments to funders.  
  • Organizes events and activities that help raise the public profile, draw companies to apply to VentureLabs VAP and Startup programs,  support the objectives of VentureLabs, and meet funder needs, including community engagement, and past-participants (alumni) events.
  • Generates ideas for, and organizes private and public events (e.g., workshops, conferences, receptions, and other events sponsored by VentureLabs). 
  • Assists program and funding partners with event and activity planning, including developing promotional materials, booking venues and resources, program planning and provides day of event support. Provides event costing for review and approval by the Director(s).


  • In collaboration with the VPRI C&M team, identifies, evaluates, and recommends innovative marketing and communications strategies and methods to the Director(s), to promote VentureLabs, our companies, activities and our achievements.
  • Assists with the preparation of an annual C&M strategy by conducting research, gathering data, and preparing reports and recommendations.
  • Implements marketing and communication strategies for VentureLabs strategic priorities. Consults with internal and external stakeholders; identifies potential communication issues; and works with VentureLabs Directors and staff to implement these strategies.
  • Assists the Director(s) in the identification, collection, coordination and analysis of metrics to measure program performance. 
  • Works as a C&M advocate for the university’s innovation strategy, SFU Innovates, and collaborates with the VPRI C&M team to support amplification of relevant innovation content for VentureLabs.
  • Tells the story of VentureLabs within SFU Innovates, as a testament to the Incubation and Acceleration pillar.


Makes decisions regarding: issues that merit better or different communications and marketing strategies or content and makes recommendations to senior management; communication design, for both content and presentation, for final approval by senior management; logistical arrangements for events sponsored by SFU VentureLabs; general content for unit communications; and negotiates specific content authoring with others.



No direct reports. May provide work direction to other temporary or contract staff as required.

Primary Working Relationships

Internal Connections – Works closely with Directors and other members of the departmental team.  Coordinates with other communications positions throughout the university and interacts with program participants and contract mentors to gather information for communication purposes. Works with the VPRI C&M team and meets with them on a regular basis.

External Connections – Liaises with external event volunteers and other stakeholders (e.g., industry co-sponsors) to coordinate events and communications.


Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, or other related discipline, with three to four years of related experience, including experience in writing communications content, C&M strategies, event planning, and website design, or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience. 

  • Excellent knowledge of communications principles, practices, and techniques.
  • Excellent knowledge of, and ability to use specialized design software applications (i.e., Adobe Creative Suite, etc.).
  • Excellent writing, copy editing, and layout skills.
  • Excellent C&M strategy skills, including development, execution and evaluation.
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal, intercultural, and teamwork skills.
  • Excellent multi-tasking, organizational, and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent event management skills.
  • Proficient in the use of standard office, web publishing, online content management systems, and graphic design applications (i.e., Adobe Creative Suite, AEM).
  • Ability to use digital photography and videography, and to perform associated editing and manipulation of materials.
  • Ability to conceive, research, and develop content for various forms of written and digital communications.
  • Ability to analyze participant satisfaction issues utilizing surveys and appropriate metrics.
  • Ability to conceptualize, develop, and manage strategic creative projects within timelines.
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external contacts.
  • Ability to exercise mature judgment, sensitivity, and tact.