Date of Job Posting
June 10, 2020
4 weeks ago

Full Time

Yearly Salary | $82,458 - 98,466 (APSA 12)/yr

SFU VentureLabs Vancouver, British Columbia

SFU VentureLabs is one of Canada’s leading technology accelerators, helping science and technology-based new ventures turn ideas into profitable, sustainable businesses, supporting them with programs and services. We connect entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and a network of resources focused on tackling the unique challenges and complexities faced by technology innovators.

Job Summary

Self-starter? Multitasker extraordinaire? Love to roll up your sleeves to dive into spreadsheets? Obsessed with establishing and ensuring processes run smoothly? Awesome client relationship skills? SFU VentureLabs is looking for a top-notch and experienced Operations Director with a Swiss army knife combination of skills: operations, program reporting, client management, program planning and delivery, communications, and financial planning.

The “more formal” job description is below. If this sounds like a fit for you, and you want to join an organization dedicated to helping startups scale up, send your resume and cover letter to or complete the form below.


The Operations Director at VentureLabs (VL) is responsible for the operations and day to day management of VL, implementing processes to ensure the sustainable delivery and growth of VL programs. The role works closely with the Executive Director (ED) to set the overall program budget, and manage financial operations including specific purpose funds, projects and budgets. The role supports and participates in the design, operations and administration of VL programs, including new revenue generating programming. The Ops Director manages agreements with clients, contractors, mentors, donors, and other external parties, signs and manages agreements with SFU departments. The position also participates in long range program and funding planning, including revenue generation opportunities and works with the ED to implement metrics-tracking and collect data.


1. Ensures operational success of all VL programs and activities by:

  • Designing and implementing scalable operations and administration of VL programs.
  • Participating in operational design and revisions of VL programming, including new revenue generating programming.
  • Developing strategies and systems for tracking key performance indicators and other relevant data related to VL programming and activities.

2. Ensuring operational success of VL processes by:

  • Overseeing the development of communications and marketing strategies for VL to increase awareness and participation in programming.
  • Hiring and supervising VL staff to ensure key VL activities and objectives are carried out on time, adhere to budget and are of high quality.
  • Managing and preparing agreements and reports with contractors, mentors, donors, internal SFU departments and other external parties to ensure ease of working with VL.
  • Working with the Executive Director to set and manage the annual program budget in order ensure financial operations of VL.

3. Establishes, maintains and enhances relationships between VL programs (such Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, Innovate BC Venture Acceleration Program, WD Scaleup Program) and internal stakeholders, including faculties, the Industry Engagement Office, Venture Connection, RADIUS and SFU Innovates by:

  • Facilitating and coordinating activities and communication between VL and key stakeholders, including VPR, core facilities, the Chang Institute, SFU Finance, SFU HR, faculties, the Industry Engagement Office, Venture Connection and external partners.
  • Providing resources and assistance to SFU faculty, staff, and students currently working on or looking to work with new ventures or otherwise participate in entrepreneurship.

4. Manages and strengthens external stakeholder and funding relationships for VL by:

  • Working with advancement to create reports and recognition packages for funding partners and other supporters of entrepreneurial mindset development and capability creation at SFU in order to maintain key relationships and goodwill.
  • When requested by advancement and the Executive Director, participating in soliciting, securing and/or identifying potential program funding opportunities to ensure sustainability of programming and support to develop new initiatives.
  • Writing and/or assisting in the preparation of sustainability and marketing plans for new and existing entrepreneurship programs to ensure sustainability of programs.


The Director VL is responsible for:

  • Decisions regarding support for the design, development, implementation and promotion of VL programs and support for other SFU entrepreneurship programs and initiatives.
  • Decision related to operations and information systems implementation for VL.
  • Approval of budget expenditures within the scope of University policies and procedures, budgeted allocations, and special purpose fund criteria.
  • Decisions regarding how to advise internal and external stakeholders with regard to their options for venture support and acceleration at SFU, including potential participants and partners with respect to programs.
  • Decisions to contact internal and external partners for involvement in programs.
  • Decisions regarding contractor and temporary staff hiring, staff development planning and work responsibilities, leave of absence requests, performance evaluation, grievances, and corrective action.
  • Decisions regarding external parties to engage for venture and entrepreneurship support.
  • Decisions regarding how to engage with or support other entrepreneurship initiatives within the university and with the entrepreneurship community.


Sets objectives necessary for obtaining feedback and assistance. Partners with wide circle of contacts and involves them in generating mutually beneficial opportunities and achieving agreeable outcomes. Shares ideas, issues, and opportunities with members of personal network. Seeks referrals from others with relevant expertise and influence. Attends and maintains relationships with relevant formal and informal professional groups and organizations.


Supervises staff by providing guidance and mentorship, ensuring the appropriateness and currency of job responsibilities, initiating recruitment for temporary and continuing staff, hiring staff, providing or directing the provision of training and development, evaluating performance, approving leaves of absence, and responding to grievances.

Primary Working Relationships 

Internal Connections/External Connections
Part of the VL Leadership Team. Represents VL at external functions, such as community and business events, entrepreneurship conferences, when meeting donors, external advisory boards, external partners (such as VanTech Angel Investors, WEKH, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, etc.)

Qualifications and Skills

Master’s degree and 6 years of directly related experience which includes experience in high-level administration, program operations, research, business accelerator program development and assessment, entrepreneurship, financial administration, human resource management, program operations, communications and marketing, revenue generation at a post-secondary institution or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

  •  Demonstrated excellent in building and maintaining relationships
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication (both oral and written) skills
  • Experience setting up administrative systems
  • Excellent organizational, analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and conflict management skills.
  • Excellent relationship creation, development and management skills
  • Excellent financial administration and human resource management skills.
  • Skilled in the use of word processing, database, file-sharing and spreadsheet software.

Job Inquiries

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  • Accepted file types: pdf.
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