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Our team is a group of committed professionals passionate about supporting founders to succeed.

With significant development and commercialization expertise across a variety of sectors, our team has taken numerous companies from product and market validation through to financing, sales growth, and global expansion. We’re focused on finding the right partnerships for each of our companies, delivering programs to meet your needs, and building meaningful relationships.

From tech mentors to business experts, our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR) are experienced professionals who bring an entrepreneurial perspective and significant depth in establishing growth-oriented businesses. They support your company growth by sharing industry segment expertise, providing market and finance perspective, and helping establish corporate governance, strategy and milestones.

Virginia Balcom Executive Director SFU VentureLabs

Virginia Balcom

Executive Director
Lesley Duncan SFU VentureLabs Operations Director

Lesley Duncan, PHD

Operations Director
Dave Thomas SFU VentureLabs Programs Director

Dave Thomas

EIR & Programs Director
Eunice Au Yeung SFU VentureLabs Business Programs Administrator

Eunice Au-Yeung

Programs Manager
Pauline Leoncio SFU VentureLabs Marketing Coordinator

Pauline Leoncio

Marketing Coordinator

Janelle Elbassiony

Client Services Program Assistant
KS headshot

Kim Scott

WEKH Coordinator
Jim Derbyshire SFU VentureLabs EIR

James Derbyshire

John Seminerio SFU VentureLabs EIR Mentor

John Seminerio

Alison Berg SFU VentureLabs EIR and Seniore Marketing Advisor

Alison Berg

Ashish Sant SFU VentureLabs Contributing EIR

Ashish Sant

Consulting EIR
Floyd Sijmons SFU VentureLabs EIR

Floyd Sijmons

Chris Stairs SFU VentureLabs EIR

Chris Stairs

Chuck Hamilton SFU VentureLabs EIR

Chuck Hamilton

Kirk Moir SFU VentureLabs EIR

Kirk Moir

Tonie Granata

Tonie Granata

Marni Rabasso SFU VentureLabs EIR Mentor

Marni Rabasso


Lynn Warburton

Natalie Dakers

Natalie Dakers


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