Kim Scott is the WEKH Coordinator at SFU VentureLabs. She operates the BC hub of the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, a research and resource platform on the topic of women’s entrepreneurship in Canada. Kim’s mission is twofold: first, to boost the profiles of women and diversity in entrepreneurship to allow the next generation of women and girls to see themselves reflected; and second, to make EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) tools and perspectives easily accessible to VentureLabs and our member companies.

Kim comes to SFU VentureLabs with a professional background in the marketing research world, where she worked directly with clients of all sizes, sectors, and industries to answer their most pressing business questions. It was in her time in market research that Kim learned the real-world value of clear communication, boundless curiosity, rigorous data collection paired with thoughtful analysis, and leading by example. She approaches her work as a true partner, working to help clients, teammates, and stakeholders to solve problems collaboratively in a way that benefits all parties. Before her time in market research, Kim studied psychology at the University of Alberta and worked in anti-violence support and advocacy focused on violence against women.

Outside of her work at VentureLabs, Kim is an entrepreneur herself, operating a research and communications consultancy with the help of her adorable intern/shih tzu Stampy. She spends her leisure time experimenting in the kitchen, cheering for her hometown Edmonton Oilers, and dreaming of future travel plans. 

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Kim Scott

WEKH Coordinator