Lesley’s mission is to empower organizations to reach their goals through data-driven insights. With more than 18 years of experience in the research and evaluation world, she’s fine-tuned the ability to transform fuzzy ideas or big-picture targets into informed, actionable plans that drive businesses forward. Lesley understands the importance of tailoring solutions to specific needs. She prides herself on taking time to understand the context, problems and available resources before challenging assumptions, brainstorming and presenting realistic, data-driven solutions.

She has a uniquely broad skill set, spanning from start-ups to academia, and brings that range of knowledge to every project. Lesley’s been the Chief Scientific Officer (and co-founder) of a text-analytics company. She’s worked extensively on the supply-side, conducting quantitative and qualitative research projects for NRG Research Group (now Leger). She holds a PhD in Social Psychology, launched her own consulting company, and maintains close academic contacts to stay on top of cutting-edge research. Currently, she is the Operations Director at SFU VentureLabs.

When she’s not digging into data for others, Lesley finds ways to cultivate pockets of learning in her everyday life. She leads a monthly women’s goal-setting group, which involves a lot of honest discourse and a little bit of wine.

Lesley Duncan SFU VentureLabs Operations Director

Lesley Duncan, PHD

Operations Director