Manreet Mahal is a fourth-year BBA student at Simon Fraser University studying Marketing and International Business. She will be working as a Marketing Associate this term as a part of the SFU CO-OP Program. Her love for creativity alongside her interest in entrepreneurship is what has led her to pursue a concentration in Marketing and gain more experience in the field.

Her strengths include being a team player, thinking outside the box, and maintaining a high level of organization which she believes are a few of the most essential pillars when pursuing any endeavor.

Manreet enjoys participating in clubs within SFU to expand on her marketing skill set while being able to connect with a diverse variety of individuals. Her most recent roles consist of Vice President of Media & Marketing at Enactus SFU and Marketing Coordinator at TEDxSFU. Manreet hopes to be able to demonstrate the knowledge gained through these experiences to thrive at SFU VentureLabs and is excited to see what is in store for the future!

Manreet Mahal Headshot

Manreet Mahal

Marketing Associate