Sara is a creative thinker and designer who loves seeing ideas become reality. She worked in Dubai and Sharjah for ten years as a Graphic Designer before moving to Vancouver to complete her MBA in 2017. Sara loves to work closely with clients and help them bring the vision they have for their brand to life. She comes to SFU VentureLabs as a freelance Graphic Designer and Marketing Associate.
While Sara loves Vancouver, she also misses home and parts of her culture. After meeting a few people who shared her feelings, she saw a need for a way to bring home closer. And in 2019, she founded ArabsVan as a way to celebrate the beauty of Arabic culture and cultivate a community. That was the beginning of her journey into hosting and planning events which she found quickly became a new passion.
When she isn’t designing or planning an event, Sara can be found practicing Salsa, exploring Vancouver or giving warm cuddles to her kitties.

Sara Salhi

Graphic Designer & Marketing Associate