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Lungpacer Medical Inc. is developing a novel therapeutic solution for preserving or restoring the integrity and strength of the diaphragm muscle in critically ill patients who require mechanical ventilation. The proprietary Lungpacer system is designed to activate and exercise the diaphragm using a temporary, minimally invasive, transvascular nerve stimulation catheter that is expected to save many lives, improve surviving patient outcomes and greatly reduce hospital care costs.

Intravenously inserted Lungpacer electrodes are designed to rhythmically activate the diaphragm. In critically ill patients who have failed or would typically fail to wean and become ventilator-dependent, the pacing therapy is expected to prevent or reverse diaphragm muscle-disuse atrophy and maintain diaphragmatic endurance, thus facilitating weaning of patients from MV. In addition, the paced diaphragm is expected to restore negative pressure ventilation, thereby potentially providing a more physiological respiratory pattern and reducing the levels of positive pressure ventilation and its harmful effects on the lungs.

These potentially beneficial effects of transvascular diaphragm pacing are expected to result in faster patient recovery, a shorter stay in intensive care, improved health outcomes and lower hospitalization costs.

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