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Lunch & Learn with BLANKSLATE: Base salary, Benefits, and Bonus

Learn all about compensation philosophy and policies for growing companies with HR experts, BLANKSLATE Partners!

The Base Salary, Benefits, and Bonus presentation will provide SFU VentureLabs members with a holistic view of total compensation. BLANKSLATE Partners HR experts, Alissa and Allyson have worked with many start-ups and small businesses to develop their compensation philosophy and policies. In their experience, the earlier you set up your compensation philosophy, the easier it is to maintain equity when hiring new employees. This session will cover the different types of compensation (cash vs non-monetary), strategies for when you can’t afford to pay at market level (how to supplement your base salary with benefits/bonus) and tools you can use to administer payroll quickly and easily! Join us for this informative session


Alissa Bakker’s passion is operationalizing high-level HR and business strategy by turning it into objective measurables through data and analytics – accompanied by a love of Total Rewards and a strong aptitude in Recruitment. Alissa has a curious mind and an efficient work ethic which translates into finding ways to work smarter, not harder. With over half a decade of HR experience under her belt, Alissa has spent the last 4+ years with BLANKSLATE bringing enterprise HR knowledge to small businesses to help build better, stronger workplaces.


Hybrid event. Attendees are encouraged to join the event in person at VentureLabs’ 11th floor concourse (#1100, 555 W Hastings St). A Zoom link will also be sent for those who cannot join in person.

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Event Details

Lunch & Learn with BLANKSLATE: Base salary, Benefits, and Bonus

May 25 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

SFU VentureLabs (11th floor concourse)
#1100, 555 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 4N6
Vancouver BC

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