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Planning for Raising Capital with Garibaldi Capital

Understand the requirements for capital and for growth as you engage in success planning.


Raising capital requires some basic preparation steps that are similar in any phase of a tech startup lifecycle. It is important that a tech startup develops a long-term view on their financial roadmap – in other words, what capital sources will you target and when as your company matures. 

Your Go-to-Market strategy must be tightly aligned with your Financial Roadmap. Insufficient capital can stall your growth, and insufficient growth will make raising capital harder – it’s a very difficult balancing act. 

Understanding the requirements for capital and for growth is an important part of your success planning. 

Why you should attend:

  • Learn the types of capital available along the tech startup lifecycle
  • Gain insight into what is required for each type of capital
  • See what milestones have to occur to make you attractive to each capital source
  • Understand aspects of a Go-to-Market plan that can help you achieve those milestones

What you will leave with:

  • A view of what a good financial roadmap looks like
  • Ideas on aligning a growth plan to match the financial roadmap
  • A list of key milestones you need to begin planning for


Geoffrey Hansen, Garret Lavalley, Brent Holiday


About Garibaldi Capital Advisors

Garibaldi is Canada’s leading investment bank for mid-market technology companies. We help Canadian technology companies with key financial transaction milestones, such as raising growth capital or selling their company, through its Capital Advisory services. By leveraging access to key investors or acquirers, technology industry sector knowledge, and financial insights, Garibaldi is able to maximize valuation for its clients. By understanding the needs of technology entrepreneurs, Garibaldi creates a better experience for entrepreneurs completing these complex transactions.



Event Details

Planning for Raising Capital with Garibaldi Capital

September 27 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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