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Vantec Meeting

Event changes with regard to COVID-19

Considering the safety of our investors, founders, and community partners, this meeting will be held online only

We will share the online event link and password.
with registered attendees and members via a separate email.

Before the meeting investor presentations and company contact details are available on GUST.

After the meeting the edited video recordings will be available to members on the VANTEC website.

Availability will be announced in our free Newsletter.


Networking 3:30pm

Community Announcements 4:00pm

Community partners are invited to announce their upcoming events to the investors in the room and subscribers to our newsletter. Simply email us at info@vantec.ca


Sponsor of the month


TD provides convenient banking services and loans to small to medium-sized businesses that offer flexibility and great value for your day to day banking needs. Companies that present at VANTEC are invited to meet with a commercial banking team member.

Simply email eugene.lam@td.com and share the link to the VANTEC agenda of the day that you pitched; that way, we can take a look at your pitch and Gust profile before we meet with you.

Website: https://www.td.com/ca/en/business-banking  | Phone: (604) 654-8608


Virtual Pitch BC, July 29th, in Partnership with VANTEC!


Contact: Paul Brassard, paul@volitionadvisors.com



Keiretsu Forum Vancouver Chapter Meeting, Tuesday, July 7 Online

VANTEC Summer Break, No Meeting on August 5

VANTEC Open Network, Wednesday, September 9 Online


HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Competition
$11 million in prizes

Geting Investor Ready – A program for Startups Raising Capital 
Applications until September 30


Company Presentations 4:15pm

Companies can apply to pitch here, and are recommended to attend one or more of the pitch circuit events to practice their pitch. The presenting companies will be announced 2 weeks prior to the meeting.


CAN4U Kindergarten Education Technology | Education | Gust | Advanced bilingual international early-stage educational solution provider.

Origen Air Systems Ltd. | Healthcare Services | Gust | Smart air purification removing CO2 and pathogens from indoor air and surfaces


Eduwindow Technology | Education | Gust | Educational TV channel for kids

Flashana Technologies Inc. | Software | Gust | Flashana delivers predictive analytics solutions for retail enterprises, who need to understand the demand chain of their customers.

Funder Exchange | Financial Services | Gust | Combining the power of equity fundraising and equity market to make a modern and effective duo with the help of blockchain.

GymUnite Online Solutions Corp. | Mobile | Gust | GymUnite is a unique digital platform created for connecting gyms, trainers and public to meet and schedule training upon their requests and availability.

Intelligent Logistical System Inc. | Retailing / Distribution | Gust | Web-based intelligent system to help logistics companies to simultaneously optimize and automate all operational decisions.

Mizante | Internet / Web Services | Gust | Mizante is a peer to peer freelance market place, integrated with blockchain technology an AI to assign micro tasks to freelancers.

Office2Home Solutions Corp. | Business Services | Gust | Reorganizing home spaces to provide corporate employees with a comfortable, secure, and efficient workspace.

SenseNet Inc. | Telecommunications | Gust | We enable brain of internet of things focused on fire monitoring in forestry.

Synergraze | AgTech | Gust | A natural cattle feed additive that will nearly eliminate methane emissions and increase weight gain by 50% in cattle and other ruminants.



Flash Forest Inc. | Clean Technology | Gust | A Canadian reforestation company that merges ecological science with RPAS, automation, and GIS technology to scale the rate of ecological restoration globally.

AVA Technologies Inc. | AgTech | Gust | AVA Byte is the world’s smartest indoor garden that helps plantkillers get growing! First ever garden integrated with Google Home & Amazon Alexa.

BarrelWise Technologies Ltd. | AgTech | Gust | Giving winemakers the tools to better practice their art by facilitating precise and efficient management of the barrel ageing process.

Save Da Sea Foods Inc. | Food and Beverage | Gust | Save Da Sea Foods is a plant-based seafood company, our mission is to create a world where 100% of seafood comes from plants.

Investor Decks

The company presentations and investor packages, including more details on the team, financials and other documents are available to VANTEC members on the Gust platform. Email us at info@vantec.ca if you have any questions.

Reception & Networking 5:30-6:45pm

We will serve snacks, wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks.

NOTE: In our effort to share the pitches and presentations beyond our venue for a bigger impact we will record some of our events and make them available online.

By attending this event, you consent to the use of photography/video/audio in all forms of media, for any and all promotional purposes including advertising, display, audiovisual, exhibition or editorial use by VANTEC Angel Network without payment or other compensation.


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Event Details

Vantec Meeting

July 8, 2020 @ 3:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Online Webinar