Privacy not always private: What companies need to know about managing client information

Jul 22, 2021

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Emily and Adam from PrivacyWorks will be diving into the world of privacy and confidentiality frameworks for startups and tech solutions. Privacy is a constantly evolving landscape with complex laws and regulations worldwide that have an effect on companies of all sizes. Even as a startup, there are important risks to consider as you begin to grow, especially if you manage sensitive personal information. This session will give you an introductory look into some of the requirements that you should consider and some tactics on how best to reduce your privacy risks when building a scalable tech company.

About PrivacyWorks:

PrivacyWorks offers a wealth of expertise and understanding of the challenges associated with navigating privacy requirements within organizations, both large and small. We can help you design, build, and implement effective privacy tools to help propel your business and projects forward.

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