Virtro is creating a better way to learn to speak a new language – powered by VR and AI. Learners think they’re playing a game, exploring the Land of Argotian in a starship, solving challenges, talking with AI-driven characters. What they don’t see is the AI, machine learning, speech processing technologies under the hood are presenting experiences based on the learners current speaking ability, vocabulary, and comprehension, and the desired curriculum. Learners are having fun, and won’t notice that by being immersed and having a kinetic experience, they will learn faster and retain more. With new VR systems at less than $200 per user device, Argotian gives high schools, adult education schools, corporate language programs, and consumers an affordable and accessible, and fun way to learn and retain a new language. The Virtro product includes several proprietary developments to solve the challenges of integrating VR, an AI engine, and speech /text processing, and cloud storage, into a fast moving, engaging game.

Industry - Alumni, Education, Information & Communications Technology