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Aligning Growth Initiatives and Financial Planning with Garibaldi Capital

Getting More Precise on Where Your Growth Revenue Comes From

Every startup aspires to grow as fast as possible to win in their chosen market category.

The current economic conditions have changed the investment climate, and tech companies must now refine their narrative for what is driving future growth.

Did you know that:

Most companies have not been doing long-term growth planning in the chaos of the last couple years
The economy is causing investors to ask deeper questions on your plans to grow revenue
As companies mature, they need to align strategy, finance and selling using a growth plan

Join us as we explore issues around being precise and deliberate on growth initiatives and aligning those strategies with a financial plan and a sales plan. Here is how we will tackle this topic …

There are simple strategic planning methods you can learn to brainstorm ideas for growth, assess and validate those ideas, and operationalize those ideas into a financial plan and a sales plan. This seminar will illustrate this process so you can quickly begin doing better growth planning.

And we will discuss tips and traps for getting the growth plan in place with an expert panel with years of experience in getting strategic growth reflected in the financial model and in the sales plans.

Technology companies need to be as agile with growth planning as they are with their product development. Come join us as we provide actionable frameworks and ideas to make your growth more optimal and predictable.

Why You Should Attend:

Learn how to evaluate your strategic options
Gain insight into the strategic planning process you should follow
Understand how a strategic plan must be aligned with a sales plan and a financial plan
Learn the potential pitfalls of not being precise on where the growth will happen
See examples of connecting Strategy, Go-to-Market, Budgets and Sales Plans
Discussion on how the economy can impact future growth

What You Will Leave With:

A sample framework for a growth initiatives
A canvas for Go-to-Market planning
An example of new initiatives layered onto a budget
Ideas on brainstorming and validating a set of growth initiatives
Insights into getting Finance and Sales aligned with the strategy
Talking points for discussions with investors on future growth

This webinar builds on the very popular series of TechCapital seminars provided by Garibaldi over the last 3 years..

Aligning Growth Initiatives and Financial Planning

Event Details

Aligning Growth Initiatives and Financial Planning with Garibaldi Capital

June 28 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Garibaldi Capital