A Guide to Financial Forecasts for Capital Raising with Garibaldi Capital

Nov 22, 2022

A Simplified Approach to Effective Financial Forecasts.

Every startup has ambitious plans for rapid growth, commonly referred to as the “hockey stick” growth curve.

When raising capital, these ambitions must be quantified in your plan. Raising capital often depends upon the believability of your forecasted revenue and how well your numbers stand up under rigorous due diligence.

Did you know that:

  1. A common misconception is that you need to exaggerate your revenue potential to get investment
  2. The forecast is just one factor of many to determine investment potential
  3. Many capital raise processes fail on revenue forecast due diligence

You don’t have to be an accountant or an Excel wizard to build a proper forecast built on a set of logical assumptions that are easy to understand and believe.

In this seminar, we will explain the basic framework needed for a tech startup’s financial forecast and provide a simple process to assemble and validate a forecast. Then we’ll have an interactive discussion about common challenges to overcome and typical mistakes to avoid along with some capital-raising stories from our senior partners.

Why You Should Watch:
– Learn how to map out a logical growth trajectory
– Gain insight into having all the right elements to properly reflect future growth and future profitability
– Understand how a “keeping it simple” approach makes it easier to have great “what if” discussions with capital providers
– Learn from stories of success and failure in presenting the forecast
– Discussion on overcoming common challenges and pitfalls

What You Will Leave With:
– A clear idea of what a good forecast includes
– Ideas on validating your assumptions
– Insights into being able to answer typical due diligence questions

This webinar builds on the very popular series of TechCapital seminars provided by Garibaldi over the last 3 years.

About Garibaldi Capital Advisors
Garibaldi is Canada’s leading investment bank for mid-market technology companies. We help Canadian technology companies with key financial transaction milestones, such as raising growth capital or selling their company, through its Capital Advisory services. By leveraging access to key investors or acquirers, technology industry sector knowledge, and financial insights, Garibaldi is able to maximize valuation for its clients. By understanding the needs of technology entrepreneurs, Garibaldi creates a better experience for entrepreneurs completing these complex transactions.


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