Improving SaaS Metrics to Maximize Valuation

May 3, 2022

Did you know that a 10% increase in your revenue growth rate can have over a 50% impact on your valuation? It’s fascinating to learn how targeted changes in performance can greatly influence valuation for both investment and exit.

Valuation metrics are comprehensive measures of a company’s performance, financial health and prospects for future earnings. Based on your stage and sector, there are benchmarks of these valuation metrics that can provide invaluable guidance on your current and future valuation.

Understanding these metrics and these benchmarks help you focus your priorities on the things that can impact your valuation the most leading to less dilution during investment and maximum shareholder value at exit.

Why You Should Watch
– Learn the relationships between key metrics and valuation
– Gain insight into all the variables impacting valuation
– Understand how different investors may calculate valuation differently
– Discern the difference between a strategic buyer’s valuation and a financial buyer’s valuation

What You Will Leave With:
– A PDF guide to terminology and metrics improvement process
– Current benchmarks in various tech sectors
– Ideas on performance improvements you should focus on
– A list of key metrics you should be tracking

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