Working with Multi-National Companies – SAP, Microsoft, CGI and AWS

May 2, 2022

Learn why large enterprise partners want to work with smaller tech companies and introduce them to their clients.

BC’s largest companies need to innovate to stay current and multi-national vendors know it. If you’re an innovative tech company, join us for a panel session and networking opportunity featuring major players in the Canadian tech market. Learn what different sectors are in need of and why the panelists will introduce you where appropriate. 


  • Scott MacKenzie, Chief of Staff, Business Technology Platform (BTP) Marketing & Solutions Management
  • Raza Syed, District Sales Manager at Amazon Web Services
  • Evan Jennings, Director Consulting Services at CGI


0:00 Intro – Dave Thomas , EiR & Program Director

3:59 Intro – JM Lauzon, Partner Marketer at SAP

5:42 Panel starts – intro from moderator Floyd Sijmons, SFU VentureLabs EiR

6:07 Panelists introductions

10:52 What are some of the broad trends you see in the market and is the public sector there different than the private?

16:28 Are there examples of how you currently work with small to medium-sized companies? What do you offer them and why does everyone benefit? / How to start?

31:42 How did Forward security, a SFU VentureLabs company get started with AWS?

35:28 Q&A Session

59:58 Closing remarks

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