Best Practices for Accounting for a SaaS Business with Garibaldi Capital

May 20, 2022

Tips on Getting Accounting Right to Support Investment and Exit

The modern SaaS company enjoys more investment and exit activity than any other technology startup category. But, to enjoy the benefits of this activity, you must be prepared with the right approach to accounting to prove the value of your predictable revenue business.

Most startups start with basic cashflow based accounting, but as you grow, investors and lenders need to understand your metrics and see how recurring revenue is building up. Ultimately, your ability to become predictably profitable over time is what defines your valuation.

This two part webinar starts with some definitions and an overview of the basic requirements of good SaaS accounting. Then, the valuable insights come from an expert panel who will share their insights, favorite tips and a few interesting stories.

Why You Should Watch:

Learn what investors, lenders and acquirers want to see from your accounting
Gain insight into the professional processes you should be following
Understand how good accounting practices enable management to do better performance planning
Learn the potential pitfalls of not getting a proper SaaS accounting process in place

What You Will Leave With:

Definitions to terminology like GAAP Accounting and Revenue Recognition
An overview of software that makes it easier to automate proper accounting
Ideas on transitioning to a professional approach
Insights on using a fractional CFO until you can afford a full time CFO

This webinar builds on the very popular series of TechCapital seminars provided by Garibaldi over the last 3 years.

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