Next Big Idea: Canadian Talent Recruitment & Employees

Oct 7, 2021

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Companies that expand into Canada need to recruit and hire top talent, then secure and retain employees. This NBI webinar will focus on best practices for attracting and hiring skilled, experienced labour (especially tech talent and sales), sourcing talent, and bringing candidates into Canada via specialized immigration programs. Human resources cover various topics from building a culture to keep your employees happy and productive in a highly competitive industry, critical employment law and policy issues, and building a pipeline of experienced talent and new graduates. Joining us to explain this and more, then answer your questions, is Izzie O’Hara, CEO of Blankslate Partners, a partner of SFU VentureLabs.

SFU VentureLabs is a core member of the NBI team based in Vancouver, Canada.


Isabella (Izzie) O’Hara, CEO, Blankslate Partners
Alisa Nelson, RCIC