Raising Capital in 2022, Demystifying the New Challenges with Garibaldi Capital

Sep 16, 2022

Recent Data on Changes to Access to Capital and Expert Insights on Targeting the Right Capital for Your Company

Every startup aspires to grow as fast as possible to win in its chosen market category. Capital is the fuel, and startups need fuel to sustain early-stage growth.

The current economic conditions have changed the investment climate, and tech companies must now adjust to changes in the landscape impacting WHO is investing, WHAT they are investing in and HOW that impacts valuation and size of investment rounds.

Did you know that:
1. Even in the worst economy, there are investors who are actively seeking investments
2. There has never been more capital available in history than is dedicated to tech startup investment TODAY
3. There are many types of capital and investors suitable for early-stage companies

Investment activity:
This webinar will share the latest data on investment activity to show you there are still lots of investments happening. In fact, the volume of DRY POWDER available for investments has never been larger.

Raising investment:
We will explain the capital sources and how to run an investment process, including what materials you need and how to choose the right targets for your pitch.

Being confident and prepared:
The speakers will share valuable tips on being properly prepared and speaking to the appropriate investors. Time will be allocated to ask questions to the speakers.

Why You Should Watch:
• Learn how to raise capital
• Gain insight into the recent changes in the investment climate
• Understand how an investor will look at your business
• Learn the types of capital and investors

What You Will Leave With:
• A checklist for preparing to raise capital
• Ideas on which capital fits your company
• Insights into getting a story that meets the new requirements

This webinar builds on the very popular series of TechCapital seminars provided by Garibaldi over the last four years.

About Garibaldi Capital Advisors

Garibaldi is Canada’s leading investment bank for mid-market technology companies. We help Canadian technology companies with key financial transaction milestones, such as raising growth capital or selling their company, through its Capital Advisory services. By leveraging access to key investors or acquirers, technology industry sector knowledge, and financial insights, Garibaldi is able to maximize value for its clients. By understanding the needs of technology entrepreneurs, Garibaldi creates a better experience for entrepreneurs completing these complex transactions.


Both speakers have a long history in early-stage investing, successful tech startups of their own, many years as Venture Capitalists, and many years as active Angel investors.

Brent Holilday – CEO
Over thirteen years of M&A advisory services for technology companies in Western Canada. In 2013, he founded a cross-Canada, technology-focused M&A advisory firm — Garibaldi Capital Advisors. Before that, Brent was a tech VC, raising over $40 million to invest in 15 early-stage companies.

Geoffrey Hansen – Partner, Senior Advisor
A seasoned tech entrepreneur with multiple successful exits in communications, e-commerce, mobility and biotech. After years as a venture capitalist, spent 15 years as a growth advisor to hundreds of technology companies. Also an active angel investor with Vantec Angels and an analyst behind BC’s Ready to Rocket list.

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