Scaling Up Sales to Maintain Consistent Growth | SFU VentureLabs

Nov 16, 2020

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Speakers from Garibaldi Capital presenting on Zoom

This seminar builds on past webinars from Garibaldi Capital on financial planning and raising capital.

Evolving Sales Approach Between $1M and $5M in Revenue

At $5M in revenue, companies are well positioned for sustainable and predictable success. At this stage, a company is poised for a next level of scaling, has more alternatives for raising capital and will begin to be approached for acquisition.

Early stage investment aspires to drive the company far enough along to achieve this milestone. To achieve $5M in revenue, a company has a proven value proposition, has a defined target market they can effectively market to, has a repeatable sales process and a long list of customer success stories they can reference. Using capital effectively requires understanding the challenges ahead.

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