Floyd Sijmons is an experienced CEO, Founder and business mentor with a demonstrated history in driving tech start-ups and scale-ups to success. 

Having started at Groupon in the early days,  Floyd helped push the extreme growth the company went through. As an international executive, he lived in 7 countries during 3 years, picking up ailing areas of the business where needed and effecting change, from Head of Sales, to Head of Operations, Sales Ops, Business Intelligence, and more.

He then built up a financial comparison platform in Malaysia as CEO, and later ran the multi-sided platform Helpling in the Netherlands, which he grew to be  more profitable than any other entity in the group despite the small size of the country. In 2018 he spent half his time in Moldova managing a mobile dev team, while scaling an Android reward-app to 12x within the year.

Throughout these years Floyd always had a passion for helping other startups grow and succeed, and he spent a lot of time mentoring startups at various accelerators like Rockstart in Amsterdam, Startup Bootcamp, Startup Weekend in Moldova, and more.

Having recently arrived in Vancouver, Floyd hit the ground running and joined NewVenturesBC as a mentor, and VentureLabs as EIR. Floyd’s main strengths include Marketing (growth hacking), PR, Sales, Analytics, HR management & Corporate Culture creation.

Floyd holds a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Management from RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Floyd Sijmons SFU VentureLabs EIR

Floyd Sijmons