Jim Derbyshire has international serial entrepreneurial experience including 18 years of CEO experience and a track record of growing innovative, leading-edge start-ups using bootstrap, Angel and Angel/VC backed business models. In the last 12 years, Jim has raised over $100M of funding and been involved in several acquisitions, three of which he managed. Jim has non-executive and chairman experience on boards of high tech start-ups as well as in business appraisal for venture capitalists, large companies and government development agencies.

This combines a broad understanding of IT, web, wireless and video technology markets and industries together with a strong knowledge of the organization of start-ups. Jim built a large number of successful business partnerships in Asia, Europe, and North America with major companies. Jim applies his industry knowledge to wireless, digital video, Internet, EDA and semiconductor businesses using experience gained from four successful exited start-ups. He is a Mentor In-Residence with SFU’s Venture Connection student entrepreneurship program and was named a top ten ‘Rockstar” mentor by Startup Canada.

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James Derbyshire