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Pitch Decks for Raising Capital from Different Sources

Raising capital becomes increasingly complex as technology companies scale and grow, with different types of investors having very different requirements from your business.

The pitch deck is the single most important document in telling your story and convincing others of your growth potential. But it must be tailored to each type of investor and be appropriate for your stage of development.

Series A and beyond will require additional planning and a better understanding of your story, with the pitch deck being the ultimate vehicle in telling this narrative. The alignment between ‘use of funds’ and the milestones you achieve to alleviate risk and create shareholder value are key.

Demonstrating an understanding of the differences between investor types, tailoring your pitch deck appropriately, and having the right information will be critical in grabbing interest in your venture.

Why You Should Attend

  • The pitch deck that you raised initial capital with is not the deck you need for later rounds of financing
  • Many entrepreneurs get highly skilled at pitching customers and forget that investors and lenders are very different than customers
  • Pitching for capital is a key milestone in your company’s growth and you want to present well

What You Will Leave With

  • Learn what is different at Series A compared with seed and angel funding
  • Understand how each audience looks at key milestones in your progress as a growing company
  • Suggested list of slides for each audience
  • Ideas on how to attract interest with a teaser deck
  • A mindset for telling a story and not just listing facts

About Garibaldi Capital Advisors

Garibaldi is Canada’s leading investment bank for mid-market technology companies. We help Canadian technology companies with key financial transaction milestones, such as raising growth capital or selling their company, through its Capital Advisory services. By leveraging access to key investors or acquirers, technology industry sector knowledge, and financial insights, Garibaldi is able to maximize valuation for its clients. By understanding the needs of technology entrepreneurs, Garibaldi creates a better experience for entrepreneurs completing these complex transactions.


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Event Details

Pitch Decks for Raising Capital from Different Sources

July 30, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Online Webinar

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