Part A: Deconstructing Pro Forma Financials

Jul 22, 2020

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Make your Pro Forma Financials practical, credible, persuasive, and actionable.

Work with VentureLabs to develop pro forma financials that fit your company’s business model, market trajectory, and today’s investment climate. Learn how this tool is used to plan market-entry, strategize business growth, and raise funds.

Join us for a two-part workshop where we use sample case studies to illustrate the critical components of a pro forma, the “money narrative” they’re meant to portray, and the financial metrics that reveal your business viability. Case studies will include Self-Serve SaaS, physical hardware, and B2C e-commerce platforms. Interact with lead presenter, Chris Stairs, and take a look at the projections that are the basis of your pro forma financials.

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