Using Non-Dilutive Capital for Scale-Up – Industry Expert Power Panel

Feb 19, 2021

Deciding between debt and equity can impact a startup’s valuation growth, the amount of dilution to its founders, and ability to pay interest. Debt investors also have different requirements and checklists for potential investments than equity investors. It is crucial for founders/CEOs to be prepared prior to engaging with debt investors, including preparation of a financial model, including the underlying metrics, as well as a financial roadmap that details the use of capital.

In today’s session, Garibaldi Capital is joined by:

Noah Shipman – Partner at Vistara Capital

Joe Timlin – Managing Director for CIBC Innovation Banking,

Mike Walkinshaw – CEO of TIMIA Capital.

These investors are industry veterans, and each will bring recent examples of success with this model. The facilitated discussion will touch on common pitfalls for companies trying to raise debt, what metrics they care about, and how debt can complement equity.

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