Strong business partners, even better friends — the making of CompanyOn

SFU VentureLabs had the opportunity to speak with Alejandro Lopez and Alejandro Otero, co-founders of Vancouver venture CompanyOn. The pair discuss their journey from friends to business partners and the making of their cloud-based platform built for healthcare practitioners by healthcare practitioners.

CompanyOn co-founders, Alejandro Otero (left) and Alejandro Lopez (right)

As a healthcare professional himself, Alejandro Otero recognized the needs of mobile healthcare practitioners. He saw the opportunity for a solution that would help them manage their business needs on the go amongst their many professional duties.

“I wanted to build a solution for mobile healthcare providers that can manage all aspects of a business itself because I know how difficult it can be to juggle business administration and patient care,” says Otero.

On the other hand, Lopez worked in the IT sector for nearly 10 years where he developed fluency in software development, product development and business analysis  – the perfect strengths to pair with Otero’s expertise in healthcare and public relations.

Otero and Lopez reminisced about meeting at a family friend gathering years ago. Their matching personalities and complementary skills made them natural business partners when they decided to co-found CompanyOn together. The two attribute their strong friendship to the company’s success. Otero chuckled while sharing that Lopez is able to finish his sentences and vice versa.

“Our friendship came first and the business came after. We understand our roles and sometimes we don’t even have to discuss what we are going to do because we know each other’s strengths and skills so well,”

Alejandro Lopez

Not everyone has a supportive business partner like Otero and Lopez. Their company name mirrors their hope to create a supportive product for the solo practitioner. CompanyOn is pronounced like companion and is a cloud-based app that’s conveniently and reliably always by the user’s side. The app helps mobile healthcare providers take care of business logistics like billing, documentation, and scheduling, so practitioners can provide optimal care for their clients. The platform is simple to use and is customized for Canadian healthcare needs.

CompanyOn's cloud-based platform
CompanyOn’s cloud-based platform

CompanyOn is truly the companion app built for health practitioners by health practitioners. “We focus on user needs and we update the product with every round of feedback,” shares Otero.

CompanyOn is collaborating with a community of healthcare workers to continue fine tuning their product and is currently an industry partner with the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses.

What’s next for CompanyOn? The team is working on creating new integrations and developing features that will help users facilitate their day-to-day activities. They want the app to work for the healthcare providers, not create additional work for them. Additionally, CompanyOn recently joined VentureLabs where they’re receiving mentorship and venture curriculum to take their business to the next level.

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