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Things that have remained the same over decades are now beginning to change, due to online technology. One of these processes is hiring and recruitment. SFU VentureLabs’ client company, AMBImi is emerging as a leader of this change, to disrupt the current hiring and recruitment process. VentureLabs spoke with Derek Delost, AMBImi’s director of marketing about the history of the company, their goals, and what is next for AMBImi. 

The name AMBImi is a combination of two words: ambitious and me. AMBImi’s name is a direct reflection of the CEO’s goal of inspiring everyone to be ambitious. The name encompasses the main values that drive this company. Delost said;

Our motivation is to make recruiting fast and affordable for businesses of all sizes. We believe that if organizations have an easier way to find and hire talent, it will have a significant impact in terms of business efficiencies and employment opportunities. We want to create a tool that supports people’s initiative, resourcefulness, and ambition.

Derek Delost
Founder & CEO, Jeff Harris

Their CEO, Jeff Harris, was named one of BC’s most influential business leaders and is known for having incredible vision, courage, passion, and work ethic. Harris envisioned an easier way to match employers and qualified job seekers, so in 2020 he gathered a team to create a mobile recruitment app that does just that. And so AMBImi was created, an all-encompassing mobile app that allows users to post jobs, apply to jobs, find candidates, track work hours using geofencing and location services, and more.

How is AMBImi different from other hiring apps? Other mobile recruitment services like Indeed and ZipRecruiter are essentially virtual job boards. On these platforms, a job is posted and organizations must passively wait for job seekers to apply. Then, employers have to sort through piles of resumes and unqualified candidates to look for the needle in the haystack. 

One feature that makes AMBImi stand out is its 60-second job posting feature, which once posted, finds qualified candidates automatically. AMBImi’s proprietary technology matches candidates based on verified skills and allows them to apply or accept a job with one click. In this way, AMBImi is like a dating app for hiring and recruitment. Organizations are only shown candidates that meet the skills and requirements for the position. Another feature that sets AMBImi apart is its skill verification tool. Professionals can select the skills they have and the app will track and verify them with each job worked, thus giving employers the peace of mind they need. Additionally, professionals can choose new skills to develop and work on them through the app itself.

AMBImi has set out to eliminate the unconscious bias that exists in hiring. The technology automatically recommends professionals to organizations based on what the position needs and the skills that the job seeker is verified as having. This removes a layer of unconscious human bias and allows employers to see candidates they might not have considered in the past, with their usual recruitment practices. AMBImi recognizes that the way we work is changing. As Delost put it, “people want to feel empowered, independent, and work within a flexible framework,” all of which AMBImi promotes and enables. 

AMBImi is in the beta stage of testing its product with a limited group of organizations and professionals. Keep your eyes peeled for their official launch coming soon! AMBImi may help you get the job of your dreams. 

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