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Ali Tavanayan, CEO of Manage Petro

At Manage Petro, we take initiative.

Back in 2015 when Ali Tavanayan was CTO of Highway Fuel Services, the company owner asked him to find a back-office software that could help increase their business’ operational efficiency. However, there was no such software on the market that fit the needs of small fleet owners like them. It almost felt like the solution that they were looking for did not exist.     

“That made me realize that there was a gap in the market. No one was offering tailored solutions to the issues that small and medium fleet owners face daily when running their businesses because they [back-office software companies] could earn more targeting enterprise-level clients.”

With his tech background, Ali took the initiative to fill that gap by custom building a software that digitizes their workflow. The solution gives fleet owners insights into their fleet management, maintenance management, invoicing, daily work orders, fuel forecasting and more on one platform while allowing them to monitor their deliveries and inventories in real-time. This helps streamline the day-to-day operations of small and medium fuel delivery companies, meets all of their businesses’ objectives and is still cost-effective. Now small and medium fleet owners can reduce inventory loss, increase profits, and run their businesses more efficiently.    

 “And that’s how I started Manage Petro. Opportunity knocked on my door, so I opened it”.    

The mindset of taking initiative continues to be embraced within Manage Petro. Ali and his team are committed to going above and beyond to deliver the latest technologies and solutions for their customers.

“We are always trying to figure out what would work best for our customers. That’s why we focus on deeply understanding the business operations of each customer to ensure that their needs are optimized and actively checking to see whether the solutions we offer actually solve their problems. And if they don’t, we take the initiative to search for new solutions and create more effective approaches.”  

Let Manage Petro grow with you.

Manage Petro’s mission is to help small and medium fleet owners grow their businesses into more efficient and automated organizations with their current existing assets and resources. 

So when asked about what makes Manage Petro stand out from other fuel delivery back-office software companies in the market, Ali answered without any hesitation, “We don’t sell our software and services such as implementation, migration and training as individual modules to our customers, nor suggest they invest in new assets that go beyond their fleet management budget, because that would not be cost-effective for them. At all. Instead, when customers get on board with us, we give them everything we have, support them in any way we can, and try our very best to help them identify opportunities to increase their operational efficiency using what they already have. We don’t want to just sell them solutions. What we want is to help them grow and to see them succeed with our support. And if they grow, we’ll grow with them too. Now that’s what we really want.” 

Sometimes all we need is a great mentor.

​​Running a business presents a host of challenges, from securing capital, figuring out the right technology and marketing strategies that best reach customers and prospective clients to recruiting the right people to your team. Not to mention that there are often added hurdles of self-doubt, discouragement and the feeling of uncertainty along the way, which may make entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed. Although Ali is a confident and determined self-starter, he understands the importance of seeking out support and guidance. 

“Mentorship matters. I’ve never once doubted that. For us entrepreneurs, every day is Monday because every day is a new set of challenges that needs to be overcome. Dealing with those obstacles and difficult tasks on your own can be stressful sometimes, especially when you suddenly hit a plateau or get stuck with something you’re unfamiliar with. You know the feeling, spinning in circles with no real direction as you can’t figure out what’s gone wrong in your business. Then you’d wish to have someone who can help you look at your business from a fresh and unbiased perspective and will give you constructive feedback. That’s why I’m grateful that I joined VentureLabs. The advice, resources and coaching support I’ve received from such a team of knowledgeable mentors has helped me grow and thrive, personally and professionally.” 

Learn more about Manage Petro at https://www.managepetro.com/ 

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