Ready to Rocket Celebrates BC’s Tech Growth Leaders

Emerging Rocket and Ready to Rocket 2020 tech companies winners.

Each year, Rocket Builders showcases the Revenue Growth Leaders of Tomorrow by identifying British Columbia’s top private companies with the greatest potential with their Ready to Rocket List. Congratulations to the twenty-four SFU VentureLabs current and alumni companies for making the 2020 list!

“Ready to Rocket” companies, on average, have exceeded a 50% annual growth revenue growth rate and have significantly increased their employee headcount each year. “Ready to Rocket” companies are more likely to raise investment capital and each year many of the profiled “Ready to Rocket” companies are acquired.

— Rocket Builders
Ready to Rocket is a business recognition program for BC's tech sector that showcases the Revenue Growth Leaders of Tomorrow.

2020 Ready to Rocket List

Fusion Genomics Corporation (Life Science)
Life360 Innovations Inc. (Life Science)
Aspect Biosystems Ltd. (Life Science)
Ibbaka (ICT)
Riipen Networks Inc. (ICT)
Hummingbird Network (Agri-Food)

“Emerging Rockets” is a recognition program for British Columbia technology companies that are not yet in a high revenue growth stage but have great potential for investment and market breakthroughs in the coming year. 

— Rocket Builders

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